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elcome to our Club, the pioneer Boxing Club in Moscow. Such clubs do not look exotic all over the world - the amateur boxing becomes more and more fashionable hobby for manifold people, from stock-market speculators up to movie stars. And now this amenity is accessible to you.

Practice hall

If you have not got a fancy for boxing, it can mean one of two - either you are a woman, or you haven't got the slightest idea of it. The hearsay about riskiness and traumatism this kind of sports is a very popular delusion.

Stuff and nonsense! If you do not plan to work on a professional ring and to fight vs. Lenox Lewis, then you are out of danger. There is nothing better than boxing for keeping fit, for strengthening spirit and for psychological relaxation.

Heavy bags, speed bags

It is boring to cycle cardio equipment or weight-lift train. Few and far between gentlemen would muster courage to come in an aerobics hall for legs swinging among charming ladies' bevy. A boxer work-out includes both elements of aerobic, and muscular combined conditioning.

This workout circuit incorporates skipping rope, hoop twisting, stretch drills, working through punches, bobs, weaves and dodges, press-up, abdominal and leg muscles exercises and so on. Also welcome, if there are corpulence problems. A few minutes of high-energy bags or punch mitts training, shadow boxing, apart from a sparring - and you have spent more calories than during half an hour of jogging.

Locker room and Showers

In addition, boxing will increase your agility and coordination. One more important point is a difference between boxing and non-contact sports. Boxing is a magnificent resource of psychological conditioning and "medicine" for stresses, with which, alas, our life is full of healthy. It is the most wholesome and decent way "to let off steam". By means of boxing you will acquire a habit to keep cool in any situation, to control the fear and to handle emotions.

During sparring bouts and other practice routine you will receive a good adrenalin "doze" and vitality charge. At last, boxing is mastering of self-defense craft, it will come in handy in our brutal times of "outright insanity".


And the main point. Whatever feminists may say, but men's force is idolized by women first of all and they adore boxers!

So, have we convinced you? Aha!

Moreover, our Club is located in the centre of Moscow - into the Central Telegraph building on Tverskaya Street (to go in from Gazetny Pereulok). The gym has a boxing ring with a dais, 9 bugs of various weight, makiwaras, speed bags, wall bars, comfortable locker room and showers.

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